Our new home.

Banana Dang just moved to Oceanside, Calif. We are loving this eclectic city. The people are real. The food is amazing. The weather WOW. Talking about love, it's Valentine's week—so here is our Top 5 Favorite "latte art" with hearts. Shots pulled by T2. Art poured by Mario.


End of the season...

It's been a bustling season for Banana Dang in Rincon. We experienced some heavy waves (inside the store) but no waves at the beach. It's been a relatively FLAT winter, but no harm—there's always snorkeling at some of the most beautiful beaches we have ever seen.

At Banana Dang, we've discovered some new organic counter snacks that go great with our cappuccinos. Check out: Simple Squares coffee snack bars, Endangered Chocolate with Espresso, Health Warrior chia coffee bars, and customer favorite ProBar in banana.

On the food front, new kitchen hours: 8am to 1pm. We have limited food due to the fact that our main focus is on the espresso + beverage aspect of our business. Currently, we are serving Gustos Barista Reserve and Sandra Farms coffee—both from Adjuntas, PR.

May is here. Thank you, everyone, for playing this season! Come visit us.

Open daily 7am to 4pm. Closed Tuesdays.
Holidays: Closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Sunday.


San Juan is in DA HOUSE!

We got a chance to do a "coffee tour" of Old San Juan—visiting coffee bars to taste some amazing island coffees, from cappuccinos to mochas and macchiatos. All the bars fall into the "third wave" of coffee, which is about elevating the experience with carefully extracted espressos, beautifully textured milk and stellar customer service.

We were very excited about our trip—and now can't wait to return.

Macchiato at Cafe Coloa

Cappuccino at Aromas Cafe

Cappuccino at Caficultura with incredible pastry

Yes, it was GOOD. Cappuccino at Cafe Cuatro Sombras.

Lots of whipped cream at Aromas
Almost ALL GONE.
Cappuccino at Caficultura - with latte sketch



Our newest postcard - available at Banana Dang!


Banana Dang joins the revolution!

Banana Dang now proudly supports Coffee Kids—a nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of coffee farming families in Latin America. They create programs in education, health awareness, microcredit and food security. LONG LIVE COFFEE!


Interview With Mario Jimenez

Article talks about Mario's days as a musician to his current life as a barista + coffee shop owner of Banana Dang.

"Hey, What Happened?" Click on link.